Seminar in Belgium

24th April 2012

Audio seminar Belgium

It was kind of early, around 8:00 when my partner in crime for almost 30 years, Alex Buurman picked me up to go to Amptec in Belgium, a distributor for several studio and audio equipment. They organized an open day with presentations and masterclasses from well known and respected people in the studio and audio field from around the globe.

The one masterclass that impressed me and gave me a lot of input and expanding views on using processing equipment in the studio was with George Massenburg. He’s a sound engineer, producer, developer of the famous GML compressors en equalizers. Also he designed several studios etc. If you want some more information about him, you’ll find him on google.

On the way back Alex and me were full of new ideas, just amazing how inspiring a day like this can be for a creative mind…

These kind of of days out are highly reccomendable!

I’ll keep you posted on all the developements that Robtix Communications is involved with. Just check my site regulary. :-)

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